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The Eisteddfod was established in 1989  by Ryde City Council and handed over to a volunteer team in 1990, with great support from Ryde City Council, both in the provision of venues and in direct sponsorship.  Because of generous donations by businesses, clubs and individuals from Ryde and the wider Sydney region the Eisteddfod awards valuable prizes and scholarships in its four discipline areas:

  • Vocal and Choral, both classical and popular
  • Instrumental (including Piano, Strings, Wind, Brass & Other Instruments) in solos and ensembles
  • Dance Solos and Groups covering a large range of dance styles
  • Speech and Drama

The Eisteddfod  includes a Seniors section (50 plus) with a great variety of events for participation by the older members of the community, emphasis being on entertainment as well as excellence.

The Eisteddfod is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation which consists of a Committee and a large band of helpers.  This is an exciting community initiative - please follow the links to the Volunteers pages if you would like to know more about being involved.

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NOTE: A: Registration Now Annual

Because of the difficulties users have in remembering their username and password we have changed the registration process to an annual one - so all past usernames and passwords have been cleaned out.

Many entrants DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER - it is only useful for those who wish to make an online submission several times, thus bypassing the need to enter address information on entries after the first.    If using a username and password you can choose to do so from the front page or wait until asked for this information when submitting an entry.  

 NOTE: B: Staggered Entry Dates

PLEASE NOTE  the entry dates for various categories.  

We are trying to  to reduce the overload experienced by last-minute competitors in 2013.




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